Best Bays near by Gelemis

Gelemis, one of the neighborhoods in Antalya’s Kaş district, stands out with its bays. Many large or small bays in this region are flooded with visitors. These bays, where activities such as diving are carried out, are always popular thanks to nature lovers. These coves, which you can visit with boat tours or by renting a private boat, also provide this opportunity to people who are looking for a quiet place to swim. In this region, many unforgettable bays are waiting for you to visit!

Kekova Bay

Kekova Bay is a small rocky island. This historically important bay is also visited because of its attractions and interesting beach. On the other hand, historical underwater ruins increase the importance of this place. There are also Kaleköy and Üçağız bays in Kekova. You can reach here by renting a boat from Kaş, and you can also stay in hostels here. Kekova Bay is the ideal place for you if you want to have a holiday in a historical region, intertwined with nature.

Aquarium Bay

One of the Kekova Bays, Aquarium Bay is one of the important recreational areas for boat tours. You can see many sea creatures up close in this region where you can take a stroll under the sea while snorkeling. In addition, canoeing has an important place among the activities done here. In this region, where you can see the ruins of the Sunken Lighthouse, you can dive by yourself or you can do this with diving teams. So you can take a closer look at this lighthouse located in the sunken ancient city. You can reach here by boat tours departing from Kaş.

Hidayet Bay

Hidayet Bay, named after a native of this region, is very close to the center of Kaş. There is also a facility in this bay, which is located on the Çukurbağ Peninsula. You can enter here for free, but you will have to pay a fee for services such as sun loungers or umbrellas. It is possible to reach here on foot or by your personal vehicle. This cove, which hosts many colorful fish, is also used as a habitat by the caretta carettas. For this reason, it is recommended to go in the early hours, as this bay, where many visitors are located, is quite crowded especially in summer. In addition to being close to the center, this place is preferred by many people because of its clean sea.

Yağlıca Bay

Boats using the route between Kaş and Kekova frequently visit Yaglica Bay. Due to the fact that the bottom is sand, it has a great feature for both those who dive and those who want to explore the sea. It resembles a fjord because it has a hard rocky coastline. For this reason, it is especially preferred by professional divers. There are rocky cliffs and small hills in this bay area. If you are interested in sea creatures and are a good swimmer, you should definitely visit this place. You can only visit this place by boat, as there is no road access.

İnönü Bay

İnönü Bay is one of the places that boat tours between Kas and Kekova stop by. This bay, which is a magnificent place for those who love to swim, is called “In (cave) – Önü (front of an)” because it looks like a cave from afar. Due to the fact that there is spring water here, the coastal part has a cold water current, while it becomes warm as you move away from the beach. There is no road access here.

Aperlai Bay

Towers and ramparts can be seen on the shores of Aperlai Bay, which is located towards the west of the Sıçak peninsula. This region, which is an ancient city, is accepted as an archaeological site. You can reach this area, which is not possible to reach by road, by renting a boat. People who come to this area to swim are advised not to forget their snorkeling and sea shoes. It is possible to see old shipwrecks during your dives here.

Firnaz Bay

Fırnaz Bay, also known as Muar Cure, is under protection. Therefore, there are no facilities here. It is possible to reach this cove, which can be reached both by sea and by road, from an unpaved road. If you wish, you can reach here by renting a boat from Kalkan. The bay is visited frequently because the mud in this bay is beneficial for the skin and has skin-tightening features. It is also possible to find traces of ancient times here. Many people come here with daily boat tours to discover underwater beauties and historical ruins.

Fırnaz is quite remarkable with its dark turquoise colored sea resembling an aquarium. In this place, where transportation is provided by boats, the mud, which is believed to rejuvenate people, attracts a lot of attention. In this bay where you can take a mud bath, it is another pleasure to swim in the deep blue sea after being covered in mud.

Gökkaya Bay

Gökkaya Bay is located between Kaş and Demre. There are 3 different passages in the region called West, Middle and East. It is possible to explore the sea creatures in this region by using snorkel and goggles. Therefore, many boat tours prefer this place to take a break. It is possible to go here by boat tour or with a small boat. There are also historical ruins on the small rocky island located in the middle of the bay. The fact that there is a facility that provides the opportunity to do water sports here also ensures that the need for food and drink is met. There is also a bar offering a colorful nightlife experience.

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