Best Bays in Kalkan

The best bays in Kalkan are too beautiful to be described in words. This region, which is one of the most beautiful coves and beaches not only in our country but also in the world, has features that must be discovered in every sense. You won’t have to hesitate to swim in these bays, which are always clear and clean. These coves, where you can jump into the sea from almost anywhere, are truly the symbol of peace. Some of these coves lying in the region have been turned into a beach and some have been turned into a beach club.

1. Gerenlik Bay

2. Camel Stone Bay

3. Akvaryum Bay

4. Kalamar Koyu

5. Fırnaz Koyu

Kalkan Bays Detailed Review

Kalkan bays have different characteristics when examined in detail. These coves, each more beautiful than the other, attract more attention, especially in summer. When this is the case, a large number of people who want to see this natural beauty flock to this region.

Gerenlik Bay

Gerenlik Bay is among the Kalkan bays, which has attracted great interest from visitors lately. This beach, which is especially visited by blue cruisers, has a unique nature. At the same time, since it is a natural nature area, you can enjoy the green areas while swimming in the sea and swim in a peaceful environment with bird sounds. Since it is not possible to reach this region by road, you can come here by taking boat tours. It is also possible to come across a large number of fish while swimming in the clean waters of a very clear sea. This region also draws attention as a place visited by people who want to take mud baths. There are many people who take mud baths here because it is naturally healthy and good for the skin. If you prefer this place, you can immerse yourself in cool waters after taking a mud bath.

Camel Stone Bay

Camel Stone Bay draws attention as a cove preferred by people who want to dive. For those who dive here, it is recommended to dive early. The wind factor is one of the most important reasons for this. Since the intensity of the waves will reduce the pleasure of diving, many groups visit here in the early hours. For those who want to dive, Camel Stone starts from a depth of 10 meters and moves towards deeper levels. This location is called by this name because it has a structure similar to a camel hump when viewed from a distance. The Kayalık region in this region continues in the form of a Kayalık area that continues perpendicularly to itself and has a very interesting appearance and goes down to a depth of 25 meters. Thus, it has the feature of being a very suitable and popular place for diving. During your dives in this region, you can see many small fish, as well as big fish if you are lucky.

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay is known as the clearest and most striking bay among the bays in the Kalkan region. It is also one of the bays with the best marine life. This area is called Akvaryum Bay because of the clear color of the sea and the fact that the marine life is like in a real aquarium. This bay is only a 20-minute journey away from Kalkan. Especially for those who want to dive, this region is known as a very convenient and fun bay.

Kalamar Bay

Kalamar Bay attracts attention as a place with many activities. Besides having its own restaurant, it is possible to reach activities such as cycling, trampoline and canoeing here. Thus, there are many opportunities for you to spend a fun day that you will enjoy. While you have to pay the specified fee for entry, this fee includes umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as some activities. You can reach here after a short 10-minute journey from Kalkan center with your personal vehicle.

Fırnaz Bay

You can reach Fırnaz Bay, which is famous for its natural mud, by boat. Thanks to this mud, which is beneficial for the skin, you can make your skin tighter! You can soak yourself in this skin-tightening mud and then wash yourself in the magical clear blue waters of this place. This bay is a must-visit place for Kalkan boat tours. It is also among the best options for people who want to swim. This cove can only be reached by sea transportation, and welcomes you after a fascinating 25-minute sea journey. Yachts and boats on a blue cruise definitely stop by here. The famous Lycian Way is located here, and with the first water channels in the world built by the Lycians called Delikli Kemer, Fırnaz Bay impresses with its turquoise waters.

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