Best Beach Clubs in Kalkan

Located in the most beautiful location of the Mediterranean Sea, Kalkan has the most beautiful beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. With the investments made in the region in recent years, the town has become one of the most popular destinations lately. We have listed a few places for you to go in this magical town where you can reach the sea from every street.

Mahal Beach Club

Mahal Beach Club is located under the olive trees, overlooking the sea. The beach, which appeals to young people as an average age, provides service on a wooden platform. Offering a very large and spacious area of use, the beach promises a different atmosphere thanks to its olive trees.

Palm Beach Club

Palm Beach, which can be entered from the pier like most of the beaches in Kalkan, is located on the border of Kalkan neighborhood of Kaş district. Transportation to Palm Beach Club is provided by personal vehicles. You can have a pleasant time at the beach, which is very popular, with various activities such as table tennis and volleyball. Thanks to the olive trees at the top of the pier, it offers both a cooling opportunity and a very pleasant relaxing area.

Palm Beach Club is kind of a beach club that once you go there, you will not want to go to another beach club, ever! The beach club serves as a private beach. The service provided is very affordable in terms of price, and it is among the frequented locations of those who go to Kalkan, as it has natural beauties. Palm Beach Club is one of the indispensables with its unique tastes and view on its menu! Palm Beach Club has an entrance fee of 90 lira, including umbrellas, sun loungers and parking; and the place will definitely make you immerse yourself in the unique view of Kalkan for hours!

Palm Beach Club has beaches where people of all ages go to Kalkan, even once. In addition, it has sun loungers under the olive trees just above the pier. The breeze, the sun, the sound of the waves and the endless blue… Palm Beach Club provides a dream vacation for many people. The flavors offered in Palm Beach Club’s restaurant with a high variety and reasonable prices are considered quite successful. Palm Beach Club, one of the places that will be frequented by those who go once, is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer.

Kalamar Beach Club

Kalamar Beach, one of the platform beaches in Kalkan, is 29 kilometers away from the town center of Kaş, and transportation to this beach is also provided by private vehicles. Kalkan center is 10 minutes away by car. Located away from the crowds of the city, this beach is quite tranquil. You can spend a fun and high quality day at Kalamar Beach with activities such as canoeing, cycling and trampoline.

Indigo Beach Club

At Indigo Beach Club, located near Kalkan Public Beach, you can swim from the platform instead of the beach like many beach clubs in the center of Kalkan. Indigo Beach Club has many restaurants where you can see the sea from a panoramic view.

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