Best Restaurants in Kalkan

Kalkan is known as one of the first choices of those who want to get away from the tiredness of work and life. Kalkan, which has easy access to Istanbul with only a few hours of flight, is a place where you can take your suitcases and go with a sudden decision. Kalkan attracts a lot of attention with its nature, sea and history. Besides, Kalkan is famous for its best restaurants. Be sure to visit the town to experience Kalkan dishes prepared by Turkey’s best and professional chefs. It can be much more enjoyable to experience the famous Kalkan dishes after a city tour and seasonal water activities before the meal.

It is possible to have an unforgettable holiday in Kalkan, which has plenty of fresh air, plenty of sun and plenty of peace. During your unforgettable holiday, you can go on a journey of discovering your taste buds by trying new flavors. We have compiled the most preferred ones among the numerous restaurants in Kalkan below. Choosing among these restaurants will not make you lose anything, and you will gain new tastes. Going to Kalkan, where green and blue are in love, knowing the best restaurants will save you a lot of time. Experiencing the most famous dishes of Kalkan is also among the things to do before death for many people.

Famous Dishes of Kalkan

There are many dishes made with different recipes unique to Kalkan. You can experience unforgettable tastes together with the famous dishes of Kalkan. In this way, you should definitely try the Kalkan versions of the dishes that you have not eaten before or that you have eaten differently. These dishes, which are unforgettable for those who eat once, are prepared by experienced chefs in the restaurants listed below. Famous recipes, different tastes with the different touches of the chefs… This is seen as the signature of Kalkan restaurants.

Stuffed calamari ranks first among Kalkan’s most preferred dishes. It is often recommended by everyone that people who go to Kalkan should definitely try and taste this flavor! Although stuffed calamari is not known as a flavor unique to Kalkan, stuffed squid in Kalkan is something else because it is made with different recipes. Kalkan can also provide its visitors with different experiences with its sauced fish. If you have not eaten fish with sauce before and if you are going to have this experience for the first time, you should definitely visit Kalkan. With this recipe made in the majority of restaurants, your perspective on seafood will completely change and you will become addicted.

1. Blue Terrace Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

One of the most preferred restaurants in Kalkan, Blue Terrace Restaurant, Cafe & Bar can provide you with a very different experience. Blue Terrace, which has a great popularity among Kalkan restaurants located within the borders of Antalya province, is frequently preferred due to the richness of its menu. This richness is also preferred by many local and foreign tourists because it is offered at affordable prices. In this place, where you can easily meet your fish, meat or other food needs, there is also live music in the summer months. It is among the rare places where you can have a family dinner with a quality service accompanied by music. Blue Terrace, which also has smoking areas, also serves as a cafe where you can stop by with your friends during the day.

This place, where the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is not prohibited, receives customers by reservation during the summer months. Known all over Turkey due to its effective use of social media, Blue Terrace is gaining popularity with the start of the season. For this reason, people who prefer summer months should not forget to make a reservation. It is possible to choose Blue Terrace in order to reach the most delicious tastes in different meals from breakfast to dinner.

2. Cafe Vita Restaurant

Cafe Vita Restaurant, which is flooded with visitors every Wednesday, organizes different events. One of these events is the BBQ night held on Wednesday nights. Cafe Vita, which provides a pleasant time to its visitors with live music and animation shows, is one of the first choices of domestic and foreign tourists going to Kalkan. Cafe Vita, which welcomes its guests with delicious menus and shows on the BBQ night that starts at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays until 01:00 a.m., has been in service since 2008. Free takeaway is also available at Cafe Vita, where no service fee is charged and the most delicious seafood is served.

3. Rose Restaurant

Rose Restaurant, which is a unique opportunity for those who love shabby and comfortable places, cares about the comfort of its guests. It is possible to find something suitable for every groom’s taste in its high-variety menu, which also includes traditional foods. It is often preferred to have dinner and breakfast at Rose Restaurant Kalkan. Rose, which is preferred by many people, also offers live music shows on summer evenings. In this way, it is known as a place where you can spend time with the family and forget the tiredness of the day with delicious food. Rose Restaurant continues to maintain its place among Kalkan’s oldest and most professional restaurants.

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