Gelemiş is connected to Antalya’s Kaş district and covers some of the borders of Patara, which is home to the most civilizations in history. Therefore, it has a very important place for both domestic and foreign tourists. Tourists who want to visit the neighborhood can do so by taking the buses departing from Antalya center. In addition, it is possible to visit Gelemiş Mahallesi by your personal vehicles. Gelemiş is a 10-minute drive from Kalkan, 45 km from Kaş and 236 km from Antalya.

Even though it is far from the central provinces and districts, Gelemiş is frequently visited thanks to its historical and cultural elements. Gelemiş is also very popular with its villas. Gelemiş Neighborhood, which has been among the developing regions recently, continues to gain a great momentum in its development with the construction of new villas. Here are some of the regions of Gelemiş Neighborhood: Yalı District, Gelemiş Center, Ağırtaş District, Çetili District, Gerenlik District.

Gelemiş Neighborhood Villas

Gelemiş Neighborhood is one of the regions where villa options are almost unlimited. In this way, it is possible to make a choice among the villas of Gelemiş. Due to the effects of the pandemic, many people prefer to live in villa type houses where isolation is the best. These types of houses have huge costs in city centers and tourism destinations. For this reason, the vast majority of people prefer both natural beauties and touristic areas such as Gelemiş. At the same time, villa prices in Gelemiş are very affordable.

Since it is a developing region, it is possible to find options that are expected to increase in value and that causes one to become a homeowner with extremely small amounts today. People who buy villas from Gelemiş Neighborhood usually use it as a summer residence. Gelemiş, which has been developing continuously since the 1990s, has a very organized appearance thanks to its planned construction. There are many villa sites in this neighborhood, where the effects of horizontal architecture are seen to a large extent. Gelemiş, which includes some of the borders of Patara, has been increasing its value in the last few years.

History of Gelemiş 

Gelemiş Neighborhood is often on the agenda because it includes a part of Patara, the capital of the Lycian Civilization. For this reason, the history of Gelemiş Neighborhood is also wondered and examined in many ways. Patara has a history of 5000 years and is the capital of the Lycian Civilization. The Lycians who lived in Patara, which is within the borders of the Gelemiş District today, developed a unique culture of their own. For this reason, it is still a frequently studied area today. The examinations and excavations carried out also brought local and foreign archaeologists to Gelemis. For this reason, Gelemiş, which started to increase its popularity in the 1990s, is among the important destinations today.

Gelemiş draws attention both because of its history and culture. To examine the Lycian Civilization and other civilizations hosted by the Patara region, it is necessary to visit the neighborhood. One of the biggest income sources of the region is the archeology teams and tourists who come for the examinations. The findings that emerged as a result of the excavations carried out within the borders of Patara are the main source of the popularity of Gelemis. According to the data obtained, it is pointed out that the region was used before the Iron Age, together with the stone-made axe unearthed in the latest excavations. Thanks to the findings of thousands of years of history, which are continuously obtained through new studies, Gelemiş Neighborhood continues to be famous every year. Gelemiş, which attracts great attention from tourists due to its close distance to Antalya, steadily continues its development. Where many hotels and restaurants are located, weekend holidays are frequently preferred in Gelemiş.

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