Patara Beach

You should definitely see Patara beach: the longest beach in the Mediterranean Sea that fascinates people with its deep blue sea and hitting the tops of the bucket lists! With its white sandy beaches reminiscent of the Maldives, this beach will make your holiday unforgettable.

Located in the town of Kalkan in Antalya’s Kaş district, this fascinating beach took its name from an ancient city located nearby. This beach, which is the longest beach in the Mediterranean, is the 1st longest beach in the world, with a length of 12 km and a width of 1500 meters. You have to see this beach with fine grains of sand once in your life!

This unique place, which fascinates people, is home to many living things as well as being used to serve people. The fact that the municipality did not remain indifferent in this regard and opened the beach for use at certain hours is just one of the indicators of how valuable Patara Beach is. If you are thinking of going to Patara Beach, you should take care to go between 08:00 in the morning and 20:00 in the evening. Since this supernatural place is also the habitat of the caretta carettas, the entrance and exit to the beach are within a certain time interval.

The sea of Patara Beach is mostly wavy because it is an open sea. The wind is always abundant in the region, and it is always at the top of the list of preference for those who want to do windsurfing, due to its choppy sea and endless winds. The beach also has the feature of a natural protected area. Therefore, it is a natural wonder with its clean air. This place, whose fine-grained white sands allow you to enjoy sunbathing to the fullest, is also very close to the sunset.

So How Can You Get To This Fascinating Beach?

Patara Beach is only 15 kilometers from Kalkan. You can easily reach Patara Beach by using the D400 highway, which is famous for its scenery, where you can go to the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean. You can reach Patara Beach, which is 81 kilometers from Fethiye, 45 kilometers from Kaş and 376 kilometers from Antalya, by car. At the same time, you can get off at Ovaköy with a 20-minute journey thanks to the buses that run between Fethiye and Kaş, and get off at approximately 3.5 kilometers. You can reach Patara with a kilometer walk or taxi ride. At the same time, you can get off at the crossroads and take another shuttle for the 6-km intermediate road. You can easily reach the beach by passing the Gelemiş village, where there are many facilities and cafes on the way.

For this unique place you have decided to go to, the first thing you do is to find out where you will stay while you learn how to go. Accommodation close to the area is quite plentiful because this place worth seeing attracts thousands of tourists every year. Gelemiş Village, which is one of the closest places to the beach, is one of the options for those who want to come to the beach and stay. In addition, when you come to Patara Beach and look for accommodation, Patara Beach hotels are another alternative that you come across, although they vary from time to time, you can find a Patara hotel for every budget and stay as long as you want. In addition to hotels close to Patara Beach, there are also rental villa options to stay here. Patara is not a holiday place where you will have trouble with accommodation. Because in this city, which continues to host millions of tourists, you have the alternative of choosing villas that reflect your own lifestyle.

We came all the way to this sight worth seeing and found our accommodation; now it’s time to discover new places by learning the history of this place. One of the first things to see and do in Petra, which is close to pine forests and lush green holiday resorts, is to go on a boat tour and discover different coves. You can see the ancient city and other ruins by sailing by canoe, and you can see these fascinating places by going to Saklıkent Canyon.

You can find many places to visit in Patara apart from the beach. In addition to Patara Beach, Patara Ruins is a historical artifact area that was successfully restored many years ago and is worth seeing. Besides, Patara Sand Hill is another beauty that you should definitely visit when you visit the vicinity. Fun fact: Many desert scenes from old Turkish movies were shot here! The mind blowing view here is worth seeing, especially at sunset. A horse farm in Patara organizes tours that last 2.5 hours, during which you can ride a horse in the morning and evening, to show the beauty here, both the ancient region, the beach and the sand dunes. Patara Sand Hill is in the middle of Patara Beach. It gives a poetic pleasure to watch the wave movements, shadows and silhouettes of hills that remain in the dark on the hills, which first turn yellow at sunset and then are painted red, offering a unique beauty. Or even photographing this view is the reason for coming to Patara in itself. In addition to these, magnificent historical monuments such as Hadrian’s Granary, Zafer Takı, Simbar & Beanies and Saklıkent Canyon are places you should definitely see.

We came to Patara Beach, we visited, but what should we eat, what are the flavors of this place? Although it is known as Patara by everyone, there are many restaurants and cafes in the village, which is actually called Gelemiş. Pita is the most popular flavor in Gelemis. You can see many pita restaurants in the village, you should definitely taste the Kuşbaşılı Pide (pita with cubed meat) prepared with the delicious meats of the region. In Patara, it is possible to get enough of nature, history and these unique flavors.

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