Top Things to Do in Kalkan

Kalkan is one of the most popular tourism destinations of our country. Therefore, it is preferred by many people. The best activities in Kalkan will help you raise the standards of your holiday. With these activities, you will relax by getting rid of the stress and tiredness of daily life. These activities, which are frequented by everyone visiting Kalkan, also have substandard prices. This is just one of the many features that make Kalkan one of the most important tourism destinations.

There is no limit to the fun and relaxing activities that can be done in Kalkan. Although it is preferred by many for sea, sand and sun due to its unique nature, it is also possible to find different activities. Thanks to the same unique nature, many different options such as nature walks and cultural tours will be waiting for you. It is also possible to visit many preserved artifacts belonging to Lycia, one of the most important civilizations of the Mediterranean in the past. While on vacation, you can also learn about the unique history of the region.

What to do in Kalkan?

One of the most frequently searched questions on the internet during the holidays is what to do in Kalkan. Many activities can be done in Kalkan, from water sports to hiking, or from sea activities to paragliding. For this reason, Kalkan is one of the frequent destinations of many people thanks to the diversity it offers. Kalkan, a touristic neighborhood located in the west of Antalya and connected to Kaş, hosts its visitors with many activities. It is undoubtedly known that the number of people who go to Kalkan and get bored and do not enjoy their vacation is almost zero! For this reason, it is a frequent destination for those who want to enjoy their holiday.

Although Kalkan is known as a neighborhood or a town, it actually offers opportunities beyond a touristic city. Kalkan, which hosted the Lycian civilization about 3000 years ago, continues to host many traces of the period. Local or foreign tourists going to Kalkan are recommended to breathe the smell of history among the ruins of the period. With its history, sea, sand, sun and plateaus, Kalkan continues to offer a wide variety of holiday opportunities.

1. Get Lost in the Endless Blue & Sea, Sand, Sun!

Swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach is one of the activities that tourists do most of the day in Kalkan, the place where the sea, sand and sun meet. Swimming in Kalkan will make you question the seas you have swam in before! Known for its history and nature on land, Kalkan also offers unique beauties under water. Visitors to Kalkan often prefer scuba diving. The town is suitable for diving both for beginner or advanced divers and does not pose a risk. There are also many diving tracks.

In Kalkan, which has hosted many civilizations for many years, maritime trade is one of the biggest income sources of the period. Therefore, Kalkan hosts many shipwrecks in the sea, and becomes a frequent destination for divers. In order to dive in here, it is necessary to take a simple and theoretical training first. After completing this generally simple training program, it is possible to dive with professional divers on one of the numerous trails in the surrounding area. The Kalkan seas, where countless different kinds of fish can be seen most closely and getting lost in the endless blue, are preferred by everyone.

2. Explore Kalkan from the Sky: Paragliding

Kalkan is a holiday resort that fascinates people with its unique beauties from land and sea. For this reason, many people place Kalkan at the top of their holiday list. But exploring Kalkan from the sky and paragliding in Kalkan will also be a unique and unforgettable experience. There are many trails that can be descended from the summit of the Taurus Mountains to the Kalkan coast. With these tracks and professionals, you will fall in love with Kalkan; not only from the land, and from the sky.

Paragliding, which will be carried out with a professional, allows you to look at the natural beauties of the region from a wider perspective. This is one of the reasons enough for you to fall in love with Kalkan once again. You will experience unforgettable moments in paragliding activities where excitement, adrenaline and passion are experienced together. Kalkan, which is suitable for paragliding in all seasons, is often preferred in April and October. These two months, determined by calculating the wind and other factors, will allow you to get the maximum enjoyment from paragliding in Kalkan.

3. Cool Down in Midsummer: Plateau Tour

It is possible to take a plateau tour in Kalkan in order to cool off on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains even in the hottest times of summer. Having different and special plateaus such as Yeşilgöl and Göbe, Kalkan can keep you cool even in the summer heat. Local people living in Kalkan go to the highlands to cool off, especially during the hottest weather. In addition to this, the plateaus in Kalkan also host festivals and various events at certain periods. A plateau tour is ideal for those who want to do an activity in a class of their own and cool off in the middle of summer. In addition, with the plateau tour, an extra tour can be organized, so that you can experience the local tastes of the local people. It is possible to go to the highlands by tour or by private vehicles.

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