Water Sports in Kalkan

The area and sea structure of Kalkan, the most popular tourism center of Antalya, is very suitable for water sports. Every year, thousands of visitors interested in watersports visit Kalkan. If you are interested in water sports, but can not dare because you do not know how to do it, you can easily choose this region. The water is suitable for novice athletes, but there are many facilities and trainers around which you can train. You can enjoy sports such as jet ski, ringo, parasailing or you can enjoy the water with your family by renting a sofa. Some of these activities are listed below.

Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is an activity done on water with high acceleration and fast watercraft. If you also want to enjoy your time by reaching high speeds on the sea, Jet Ski fully appeals to you. While doing jet ski sports, it is important to get the necessary pre-training and to provide safety equipment such as life jackets. At this point, the experience and knowledge-filled efforts of Kalkan’s sports facilities and expert personnel come to your aid.


Ringo is a high-speed water sport performed on special boats attached to speedboats. Ringo, which is a very safe and fun sport when the necessary precautions are taken, is one of the sports where the use of a life jacket is a must. A visitor who wants Ringo has the opportunity to experience it directly without the need for pre-training!


Parasailing, also known as “Sea Paragliding”, is a water sport that is done by parachute attached to speedboats. Although there is no detailed training process for this sport, factors such as the suitability of the environment and weather conditions limit the possibility of doing it. However, Kalkan is especially preferred by the fans of this sport as it provides a suitable environment for Parasailing during most of the summer months. In addition, since it can be done with two or three people, it provides an important environment for athletes to spend time with their family or friends.


If you want to chat on a beautiful sofa on the water with your family or loved ones in Kalkan, have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the bright sun, the sofa is exactly for you. The sofas, which can accommodate up to five or six people, offer a unique experience to the visitors after water sports. You can rent affordable sofas from many facilities in Kalkan.

Scuba & Snorkeling

If you are interested in the underwater world and want to discover underwater creatures, the diving programs in Kalkan will be of great help to you. In both scuba and snorkeling diving, it is imperative that you go through a comprehensive pre-training process for your safety. When you complete your training, you will be able to travel to the depths of the water with your diving team and have a unique experience.

Boat Tours

Another important activity you can experience in Kalkan is to participate in boat tours. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of the clear waters of the Mediterranean, accompanied by views that embrace you with love as if you are in a little piece of heaven. You will be able to pause and swim in the most beautiful parts of Kalkan, have your meal accompanied by the unique sea view, and sip your drink with the fresh air. These tours, which you can choose from among many different options, are organized in a way that can be customized for every budget and desire.

Kalkan Water Sports Prices

Kalkan is not only uniquely beautiful, but also a very budget friendly region. In Kalkan, people from all walks of life can do sports, participate in events, participate in tours and stay. While maintaining its fascination thanks to all these aspects, Kalkan is increasing its popularity day by day. Even if you set aside a very small amount for activities in Kalkan, you can definitely find something suitable for you. In addition, there are plenty of affordable eating and drinking options in Kalkan so that you can enjoy it during sports breaks.

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