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How to make a reservation?
After selecting your accommodation date from the villa's page, you will see the Prepayment and Remaining Payment amounts for the relevant dates. If everything is suitable for you, you can send a reservation request for free. We will check the availability of the villa for the relevant dates and send you a payment link via e-mail or message for you to make a prepayment. (You can also check your reservation status in the My Profile section on the top right and make payment when the date is confirmed.) You will be given a 24-hour option for prepayment. The dates will be reserved for you when you prepay. The remaining amount will be paid upon check-in to the villa.

Are the prices per person?
Our prices are not per person, but the total cost of the villa. In other words, when you pay for a villa, you can accommodate as many people as the person capacity of that villa. (For example, in a villa that can accommodate 6 people, the fee does not change whether 6 or 4 people stay.)

How many people can stay in the villa I rent?
The maximum capacity specified in our villa is accepted, this number includes children, and people above this number are definitely not accepted.

Will there be anyone else in the villa besides me?
Our villas are private for you and there is no one else there except you. The entire garden, pool, and villa belong to the renter.

What is included in the rental price?
Unless otherwise stated, the prices on our website include Wi-Fi, all general (electricity, water, bottled gas) expenses during the rental period, pool and garden maintenance, technical service in case of malfunction, pre-check-in cleaning and linen and towel change. (Not included in the price: Food, Beverage Service - Transportation - Extra cleaning services)

What's in the villa?
Our villas have all the items that a home should have. All items such as dining sets, barbecue, hair dryer and iron are provided in our villas. You can see the full list on the page of the villa you like.
How is villa cleaning, garden and pool maintenance done?
Each of our villas is cleaned once before new guests enter. For our customers who stay in our rental villas for two weeks or longer, cleaning is done free of charge once a week, if desired. (For reservations under 7 nights, a cleaning fee is charged once. The cleaning fee is stated on the page of each villa. For reservations under 7 nights, a fee is automatically added.) Pool and garden cleaning is done free of charge by the staff once a day, early in the morning. Processing time may vary depending on the size of the pool and garden.

What is the distance of the villa we will rent to the market, restaurant and the sea?
Each villa has a "Location" section on its own page. You can see the distance to places such as markets, restaurants and the sea for the relevant villa.
How can we pay the down payment (Deposit) amount?
Once reservation availability is confirmed, we will send you a payment link via email and message. You can make your down payment either by CREDIT CARD or by TRANSFER/EFT method. (Some cards have installment options.)

What is the damage deposit?
Our villas are delivered to our guests in a clean and undamaged manner. A damage deposit is requested for precautionary purposes during the holiday. The damage deposit given is refunded at the end of your holiday if there is no damage.

How to reach the villas?
3-4 days before your accommodation date, the information of the personnel who will meet you will be sent to you. You will contact the person in the information and meet you at the address. You can make the remaining payment to him, give him your ID information and enter the villa.

Is there an age limit for accommodation?
Our guests under the age of 18 can stay in our villas accompanied by their parents. Otherwise, if all our guests staying in the villa are under 18 years of age, reservations will not be possible.

Can a villa be rented with the identity information of a single person? Is identification information required for all staying guests?
Unfortunately, one person's identity information is not sufficient. It has become mandatory by law to submit the identity information of all guests staying in the villa to the regional security units (Gendarmerie or Police).

Does Gelemis Villas issue invoices? When can I receive my invoice? bills its guests up to the prepayment (reservation deposit). In the tourism sector, in order to receive your invoice, you must first receive the service and stay. Your invoice will be issued after your stay, in accordance with your departure date. You can access your invoice in the My reservations section.